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METRO group
METRO group

A win for HR Pros

What the proHR will bring to the HR Pros

  • Save time managing the performance management process
  • Make smart decisions with more meaningful performance data
  • Focus less on administration, more on talent strategy

A win for C-level Executives

What the proHR will bring to the C-level Executives

  • Ensure the organization’s mission, vision, values, strategy and goals are aligned and reinforced with every employee touch point
  • Make certain the organisation has the talent and skills needed for business success
  • Make more effective business decision

A win for Managers

What the proHR will bring to the Managers.

  • Align and track goals with ease
  • Manage employee performance from one centralised tool
  • Provide regular, meaningful feedback and coaching
  • Supporist”>t employee development and career progression

A win for Employees

What the proHR will bring to the Employees.

  • Better understand performance expectations and easily track progress
  • Have greater visibility into how they contribute to organisational goals
  • Take charge of career development
  • Share feedback and recognition with other employee

Main Benefits

Employees evaluation as a positive approach to motivation and talent discovering. In other words, performance evaluation as an effective tool which helps your company to grow and gain sustainable development. proHR signifies simple online systems with proficient data and automatic import/ export functions. Main benefits are:

Effective team management
Efficiency clearly expressed by graphs and numbers

Compliance with the strategy, future competencies and preparation for them, increasing key performance and development indicators. All this in connection with the resources expended.

Comprehensive evaluation system
Onboarding, competence, KPI, 360, tests, feedback

Everything in one place, always available to employees and superiors. Transparent evaluation processes, no misunderstandings, immediate feedback.

Team stabilization
Development plans for each position or person

The system itself proposes candidates for development. The course is evaluated continuously in clear reports.

Active support
We will carry out the whole implementation process

We will transfer the history from paper to proHR, help with process settings and user training. Support is a living person in our country, not a robot.

Adaptation of new employees
Shortening the adaptation time of individual employees

Defined and transparent adaptation process based on measurable feedback according to your business strategies.

Time & Cost savings
Effective evaluation of results

Payroll documents and records required by legislation bear costs that can be reduced by up to 60% using proHR. Another saving is in the optimization of costs for development activities.

proHR Features

ProHR is a modular HR system for HR managers, sales directors even whole TOP management. The individual modules are functionally connected, but they can also be used separately.

proHR Overview

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